Above Karkas

I climbed up Karkas Mountain this week. Karkas is the highest peak of Esfahan province. Fortunately it was superb all over Iran & the sky was so blue! However climbing to the the highest peak of Karkas Mountains that is 3895m, among about 1 meters of snow was really adventurous! Imagine what happened on the top! I could see Damavand (the highest point of Iran) from Karkas peak that is about 300 km far from there! I was so lucky because one can hardly ever experience it!

Damavand peak from the top of Karkas!

Climbing Karkas among lots of snow!

Karkas mountain chain is located in Central Iran. It ranges from Kashan to Ardestan over more than 100 km and is mainly composed of igneous (plutonic and volcanic), pyroclastic and somewhat sedimentary Tertiary rocks. In the central part, this mountain chain consists of a Precambrian-Paleozoic basement.The highest peak of the Karkas Mountains is 3895m which is close to Natanz