cycling trip in Turkey, 2011

Dear friends
I am sorry that I couldn't contact you during recent month cause I was busy at this time. My website is opened to you now.
I was on a cycle trip in Turkey during 2011 August. I started cycling from Istanbul & then continued to west, south center & east. Here is the summery of what happened to me during the trip. The full story seems boring for some of you. However if you like to read the full one please click here.

Maybe that’s interesting to know that I had just one experience in cycling out of the city, that was in Julay 2011 & less than 80 kms!
 The picture below shows my route. As You see I used buses for moving from some distances because of the low quality roads asphalts & even none asphaltet  roads on the way! However I cycled about 1000 kms on my whole month trip in Turkey.

It was a new experience for me & I really enjoyed it. I found lots of nice friends during my trip. Turkey is a special piece of beautiful land &Turkish people are really friendly & hospitable. Also I found a number of nice friends from different countries.

Here are some of my shots taken during the trip:

In Cappadocia

Cappadocia is very nice!


In Buyuk ada

In Efesus