occultation of Venus 2016

Simultaneous morning crescent Moon observation and occultation of Venus
Observation report:
Date of sighting: 4/6/2016
Location: Tenerife, Spain ( 16°37' W, 28° 15' N, Altitude: 2500m)
Observers: Mohamad Soltanolkottabi, Juanjo, Mauricio
Horizon condition: Nothing above real horizon
Temperature: 15° C
Sunrise: 07:45
Moon properties at the Sunrise:
Elongation: 16.35°
Moon altitude: 8.1°
Moon age: -28h 30'
Moon phase: 2.1%
I was pretty lucky to hunt the rare Occultation of Venus by slender morning crescent on Wednesday. Among hundreds of morning and evening crescents I have seen during recent 15 years ago it was the first time I saw a planetary occultation at the same time. The Moon appeared in the eastern horizon in Tenerife island while Venus was only 0.1° far away from the crescent. It was a fantastic memorable experience in my whole life!