Sunday bazaar in Madrid

Like all European countries, Sunday is the last day of the week and it's an opportunity for people to relax & get ready for the upcoming week. Thus, cities are more silent & many shops are closed.
In Madrid, there is a neighbourhood which breaks this silence and many people get together in a Sunday bazaar called "Rastro". This outdoor bazaar opens to public every Sunday in a downtown neighbourhood.
Shops have temporary structure & the bazaar is about 4 kms long. Almost everything is found in the bazaar, cheap & second-hand or new.
Rastro dates back to 15th or beginning of 16th century that second-hand-clothes dealer use to sell their stuff in this area.
After centuries, Rastro is still active & all Sunday morning opens to people to sell & buy whatever they want. This Spanish cultural heritage has a website consists of all useful information about the bazaar.
In a rainy Sunday I found myself in Rastro to explore it. Since I didn't have my camera with me, I decided to take some photos with my mobile & prepare an album. Hope you enjoy!
Mohamad Soltanolkotabi,
Winter, 2015 – Spain